“ITS is about excellence in software for our clients, supported by excellent service to our clients.”

Manuela Saraiva, Founder and Owner



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ITS is a global leader in software solutions for Media and Creative Agencies, Outdoor Owners and Activation Companies. ITS has specialized in the development and implementation of these software solutions since 1999 when we saw the need for integrated operational and financial software.

This journey has taken our clients from strength to strength with the ever-growing single software platform providing a more comprehensive capability, functionality and automation for media buyers, outdoor owners, creative agencies and most recently activation and events companies.

We are driven by global industry trends, which inform our R&D investment focus and how we translate that into tangible, functional value for our clients.

We believe in improving managements’ capable decision making by enhancing insights through analytics while enabling end users to capture data effectively, never do re-work and automate tedious, repetitive tasks.

We provide business process analysis, system design, technical expertise, implementation, advertising and media industry in-depth knowledge as well as training and support services.

Advanced Security & Compliance


Advanced user access and security management.


Corporate compliance with SoX, GDPR, and IFRS.


Building in control using workflow automation to manage processes.

Single. Easy To Use. Fully Integrated

Seamlessly move from media to production to GL in a single, easy-to use-repository. You have the power to navigate across all areas and modules without exiting the system. Manage, control and operate across this easy to manage multi-company and multi-practice, real-time solution.

Microsoft Power BI Dashboard

Media Buyer Role

End User Dashboard

Our investments in data, technology and most importantly, our talented people, help our clients win in an intensely competitive marketplace.