Software Solutions

For Media Agencies

MediaVision is a single system catering for all aspects of media booking management including planning, booking, buying, financials and billing. You can plan, analyse and collaborate on booking and campaign data, drilling down to the lowest level input or transaction. Executive decisions can be made on actual profitability and performance.

For Media Owners

Owners can take control of their stock and assets and pursue their goals of helping their clients with a true understanding of what is happening to their brands down to a site level. Focus on the delivery of measurable Out of Home solutions for your clients while tracking profitability.

For Creative Agencies

Start with financial management and expand your systems to include tracking of production down to campaign level while linked to media, while you focus on creating! The Rands and cents need to track themselves through automation and simple data capture of job information from planning, task management, progress tracking, and final product.

Benefits by Role

Benefits for Executives

  • Monitor your firm’s performance at any level
  • Maximize profitability by improving project delivery success
  • Exception management
  • Drive revenue growth
  • Optimize your firm’s assets

Benefits for Finance & Accounting

  • Automation throughout the finance module such as billing and provisions
  • Enhance visibility across your business
  • Improve financial controls
  • Accelerate cash flow and reduce DSO
  • Increase forecasting accuracy
  • Achieve corporate compliance

Benefits for Media Buyers

  • Streamline project setup processes
  • Improve resource scheduling
  • Oversee project time, expenses, and invoices
  • Manage project budgets
  • Enable project team collaboration

Benefits for Client Service

  • Gain insight into clients and prospects
  • Improve visibility of revenue opportunities
  • Increase project quoting accuracy
  • Automate marketing campaigns

Benefits for IT & Systems

  • Eliminate disparate IT systems
  • Leverage your existing technology investments
  • Take control of your systems
  • Simplify IT management

Engage your audience with strategic, precision media buying.